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  • Need a BitTorrent P2P Program? Try FrostWire

    FrostWire is an amazing application used for the exchange of files through the Gnutella network, allowing their users to enable transfers between computers without the need for a server as a go-between. FrostWire is a branch of the LimeWire source code, and because of this, it works exactly the same way. When you look for a file using FrostWire, you get results that came from LimeWire, and the other way around.

    However, the user experience varies between the two programs. First, the FrostWire code is actually based on LimeWire Pro, the commercial version of the famous P2P client, so users don’t have to worry about download restrictions, and they won’t get swamped by advertisements. Also, to keep up with their name, the interface has been modified from green to blue. FrostWire Tabs have rounded edges, and there are two additional features, as well. Connections records your incoming and outgoing connections by host name, but additionally offer bandwidth data, the version, and more.

    FrostWire also comes bundled with the ASK toolbar, but you can choose not to install that as you install the program. While other users say that they have experienced faster downloads with FrostWire compare to LimeWire, others have not. FrostWire and LimeWire are practically difficult to tell apart, but the fact that FrostWire does not have a lot of advertisements is already a bonus.

    With this P2P application, you can download all types of media content such as videos, music, photos, digital books, software and many other things in an easy and efficient way. Its engine is so powerful that it offers its users the ability to perform precise and personalized searches for all media type that they need.

    The user interface of FrostWire is very user-friendly and is so easy to understand. Because of this, beginners would be able to download files that they need in a few minutes after installing the application: with just a few hours of practice you will handle the program as if you have been using it for months.

    One of its best features that are worth mentioning is the integration of chat rooms. This is the best way you for to connect and talk with other users who are connected. Talk about things you share or make requests or simply chat to make new friends.

    If you are into downloading a variety of files at great speed, the best alternative is FrostWire.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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