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  • MWSnap: A Free Screen Capture Tool

    MWSnap is a software that helps the user capture and edit a screenshot quickly. It can be downloaded for free and is ideal for new and advanced computer users. The interface is very easy to use and understand and requires no special training or expertise. With MWSnap, you can capture a selected area of your desktop, a menu, a specific window or the entire desktop. It also has additional feature ssuch as a desktop magnifier, an onscreen ruler, a color picker and a window information tool. Images may be modified using this program as it allows you to rotate and/or flip the images as well as add frames to it.

    This free program also features a tool that allows its user to create professional screen shots for presentations and also capture and edit images. Use it to capture browser errors for troubleshooting and documenting purposes. The software provides five screen-capture options:

    1. Fixed Rectangle. This option enables the user to use a set rectangle size to capture an object.

    2. Any Rectangle Area. An option that allows the user to drag the cursor over the text or object before it takes a picture of that area. Ideal for capturing a specific area of the screen.

    3. Window/Menu. With this option, you can take a snapshot of open Windows by moving the mouse cursor over the Window/Menu. A great MWSnap feature which will be perfect for creating manuals or capturing different Webpages.

    4. Full Desktop – an option that allows the user to capture the whole desktop. The full desktop option may be used when multiple windows are open on your PC.

    5. Repeat Last. A time saving option, it enables the user to use the same capture option again and again without the need to select the option every time.

    Moreover, MWSnap has some other tools that will allow the user to transform images, Add Cursors and Frames, Change color background and many others. The edit menu also has options that allow you to Paste, Copy, etc.

    To conclude, MWSnap is one of the best screen capture programs that I recommend. It is very easy to learn and it allows you to create great presentations or manuals with ease. The best thing about MWSnap is – it’s free!

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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