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  • Music Lovers Tweak Your Favourite Songs With Audacity

    Editors PickIt is always a relief to find a useful software that allows you to perform many useful functions and you do not have to pay a single cent for it. Such is the case with Audacity, which is one of the most useful free tools I have encountered as yet which allows you to do some audio editing. Given the number of audio editors that you can find on the internet, it is all but too confusing when it comes to finding the right software that fulfills all your essential audio editing needs.

    Audacity has really created a great impact in a very short time due to its remarkable features, which has made users forgo many other audio editing and recording software for it. Audacity has an easy user interface and offers support to 32-bit floating point audio, which makes it a simple but very useful tool for audio editors. Simplicity of the interface is one of the major strengths of Audacity. The last thing you need for editing your audio files is to work in a mind-boggling environment, cluttered with design flaws, and you can be sure Audacity offers you no such thing.

    Another remarkable fact is the size of Audacity, which is simply 2.5 MB for its setup file, and offers wide support to various Window versions, which means that even older PCs who are still running on older versions of the OS can benefit from the software. Although the software is very useful in producing podcasts, it is not really a publishing software, so you need to use some other software if you need to publish them.

    The most powerful feature and utility of Audacity is the recording capabilities of the software. With the help of Audacity, you can record almost any sort of audio, and one of its many recording benefits include digitizing analog recordings from tape. Apart from that and from a microphone, you can even record any sound that you can hear playing from your computer.

    When it comes to editing, Audacity is as good as it is in recording and offers you a variety of editing tools, which should fulfill most of your audio editing requirements. You can edit frequently used audio file types such as MP3, among many other extensions, and you can cut, copy or mix various audio file segments.

    You can also edit the pitch and the tone of the audio recording. The software is equipped with a remarkable beat analyzer and a mouse zoom feature, which makes the life of an editor much easier. Whether you are looking for the noise reduction feature, cropping, fading, mixing, echo, tempo or other basic features, you will find them all in Audacity. However, it still does not feature many of the sophisticated editing features.

    It also offers support for various known audio formats and you can import files into the software to record audio in high quality. But although the software offers wide support to various file types, it does not offer support to file extension types that are owned by certain software developers such as WMA file type, which of course is associated to the Windows Media Player, and therefore, Microsoft.

    For a free sounding editing and recording software, the popular Audacity is well worth a try, and like most users, you will also appreciate its excellent features. Since it is a free software, most of the support features are based on online help and support FAQs and other help database.

    Rating: ★★★★¾ 

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