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    MPlayerX is quite a new product in this niche and already has a rapid rise beyond expectation. In the beginning, it was a new simple video player (not to be confused with the old MPlayer OS X or other variants with similar names), handsome but immature. Behold now passed MPlayerX with its 1.0.3 version and is available in the Mac App Store, with some very good reviews in the Mac App Store.

    I’ve tried it and I can say it has become my new favorite video player, taking the place of the rather dusty old VLC. Every format VLC managed to play, so did MPlayerX. It’s not a perfect movie player, but MPlayerX looks like a real program made for Mac OS X and has some nice features. Those who use a trackpad will be happy to find that they can use some gestures to control the playback (forward and backward), or the volume and size of the window (the pinch). The good thing about MPlayerX is that when idle it uses less resources than VLC.

    For those who use subtitles with accents: the program tries to detect automatically the encoding of the file, and if it has any doubts, the program will ask us what we want to use for the encryption. I also found some image controls, grouped in a window called Video Tuner: brightness, contrast, color adjustment, noise reduction and sharpness. MPlayerX also supports Apple Remote and dual-monitor configurations, you can put the movie on a monitor and on the other one you are free to do something else.

    MPlayerX also plays almost any format of file or stream, has a multi-touch interface, you can control the player with your fingers and one of the great feature is that this program won’t forget when you’ve stopped playing the movie last time and can start right from there.

    The coolest feature is the opportunity to automatically switch MPlayerX from one episode to another, if you look at a TV Show. Practically, you start the first episode and then you may watch until you get bored.

    All in all, in my opinion, MPlayerX is a great program to use.

    Download MPlayerX for Mac.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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