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  • Monitor Your Mac With iStat Menus

    As a computer user for more than a decade, I have learned about the importance of keeping an eye on my systems statistics. This would be very handy at times when I encounter errors or issues with my system. Additionally, knowing about the network traffic has also played an important role as it keeps me informed about my downloads and the performance of my Internet service.

    iStat  is one of the best applications for Mac that does a great job in allowing their users see what they need and what they want to see. iStat originally started as an application and then a widget and now it’s a menu bar item which they call iStat Menus.

    iStat Menus is a preference pane that allows you to keep an eye on all the data about your Mac and all these data will be displayed on the Menu bar. It also looks good on you menu bar and is also customizable to fit your needs. Monitor every aspect of your system using this tiny application.

    Since it is a very discreet application that can be activated only when you need them, this application has slowly gaining its popularity from Mac users.

    You can activate the menu bar items for the different monitoring utilities, which include the ff: a CPU usage monitor inclusive of 7 display modes and multiple core support; a Bluetooth monitor that gives you control over your Bluetooth status as well as monitoring the battery level of your Apple wireless keyboard or mouse; a memory usage monitor that has 4 display modes, page ins/outs and swap usage display; a network monitor with current and total bandwidth, peak bandwidth, IP addresses allowing you to hide interfaces you don’t want to see; temperature and fan speed monitors with 2 display modes, ability to hide sensors you don’t want to see; disk usage and activity monitor with 6 display modes, it allows you to hide disks you don’t want to see; and lastly a calendar and world clock that lets you see the time in different locations worldwide.

    With all the features I have listed above, I conclude that iStat Menus is an application that I highly recommend to Mac users. Practical, easy to use and functional, this little app for Mac also has one of the greatest multiple time zone clocks I have ever seen. So if you want to keep tab on your Mac system’s performance, download iStat Menus and you will be amazed.

    Download iStat Menus for Mac

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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