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  • Manage your Hard Drive with TreeSize

    TreeSize is one of the more underrated hard drive utility programs out on the market. It is a very flexible and powerful space manager that is compatible in Windows only. With this program you have the ability to search the contents of your computer and sort through literally everything by file size. You then receive detailed information such as file size, the number of files, wasted and allocated space, access permissions, NTFS compression rates, access dates and many more useful features.

    These features can be used on personal computers as well as highly populated networks. You are even allowed to search entire servers which you can manage the files in the same manner as on your personal computer. This can come in handy when sorting out duplicate and temporary files that take up large amounts of space. You are given the option to leave the files as they are, transfer them to another location, export, or delete them entirely. The interface for TreeSize is very user friendly and search results are shown quite fast due to the high performance multithreading technology it uses. Detail reports about your files can be printed or exported to various formats such as XML, HTML, Excel or a simple text file.

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