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    Today, most students feel overwhelmed by the long list of tasks that they need to accomplish on a daily basis. Homework, review sessions and quizzes are a never-ending routine that needs to be properly managed. If you happen to own a Mac, which you use for your studies, I highly recommend this free application called iProcrastinate. iProcrastinate offers a cool and easy way for you to manage your day to day activities, allowing you to categorize the things you need to do by color and due date so you won’t have to forget to do a task ever again.

    iProcrastinate Features:

    Cool Interface Design. This productivity tool features a great interface design, which is really sleek and appealing. It has a dark interface and OS X themes making it look really nice and pleasing to the eye. I believe that its design has also contributed to the increasing number of users they have. It may look very simple to others but I really appreciate the fact that the developers where able to have everything you need in a glance or just a couple clicks away.

    User friendly. iProcrastinate is very easy to navigate. Learn how to fill it with your to do list and start using it in just a few minutes. The application features partitions that help you organize the information that you need as well as hide details that you do not need. The bar on the left side includes your smart groups and your subjects (this bar can be hidden if you choose to hide it). The pane on the center includes the tasks for the selected subject or group. The items that are due for that day will appear with orange details and tasks that are not yet due have green details. Lastly, on the right side, there’s another pane that contains the steps for breaking down the tasks and a file area where you can attach relevant files that you need to perform a specific task.

    Calendar view. Clicking on the calendar button in the bottom part of the iProcrastinate window allows you to see a detailed view of your monthly agenda which contains a color coded calendar. You have the option to show all subjects or choose just the subjects that you need at a specific time.

    Sync to your mobile device. This is another great feature of iProcrastinate. Through a Wi-Fi connection or through Dropbox, you can easily connect with its mobile counterpart.

    Overall, I can say that iProcrastinate is a great productivity application for Mac users. It allows you to get things done easily in an organized manner. Manage your tasks and your time by downloading iProcrastinate today.

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    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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