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  • Manage and Share Your Research Papers With Mendeley

    Mendeley is a research management tool for the Web and for your desktop. It is a free program that allows you to organize your personal research library. One of the greatest features of Mendeley is that you are able to share with other researchers and it lets you discover the latest trends and research as well.

    With Mendeley Desktop, you can organize and index all your research files and PDF documents to create your digital library. It collects detailed information from your PDF so you can easily cite, search and organize. It can also automatically look up CrossRef, PubMed, DOI’s and other document details that are related to your research. It features a drag and drop capability that allows you to quickly populate the library. Additionally, it features a Web Importer that enables you to quickly import papers from resources like ACM, IEEE and Google Scholar. With this application, you can work together with other researchers to share resources, experiences and information. This program allows the whole research team to have access to each other’s work whenever they need to. Easily create a group, invite your teammates and just drag and drop your documents in your group folder.

    Mendeley features:

    1. Mendeley files and organizes your data and research papers like a play list. Easily seach, filter and tag your documents and arrange them into labeled categories. Mendeley includes an academic software feature with a Web-based research network, which also works as a backup system that’s synchronized with the digital bibliography on your system. This means are capable of working on your project or paper at home, on a shared computer or anywhere you have access to the Internet.
    2. You can import document details and citations from old files using CiteULike and add new ones including PDF files by simply clicking the bookmarklet in your browser.
    3. You can create bibliographies in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

    According to the developers of this research program, they are working on the current version of Mendeley so that the future version would allow the software to extract metadata and cited references from PDF’s automatically.

    Overall, Mendeley is a very useful tool that efficiently connects you to other researchers in your field. It effectively provides an innovative approach for gaining knowledge about your respective field. Explore researches from others using tags and increase your contacts and friends along the way. Interesting data about your own digital library is also readily available when needed.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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