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  • Make Your Time Count! Try Fanurio Time Tracker

    Fanurio Time Tracker
    For a freelancer (or those working on their own), measuring the time for some non personal projects can be a great importance. And this project especially if the payment is based on money / time. Using a program for recording time actually works and the exact value that you calculated the project becomes necessary.

    Fanurio is one such program to record the time and the cost of our projects. In short, Fanurio can keep track of the different customers of all your projects, evidence that takes into account the actual working time. Based on the established cost and time (egg. dollars per hour) Fanurio will calculate your projects and send invoices for you to give to your customers.

    Fanurio is a computer application (Windows,Mac OS – including Leopard, Linux and Unix). It is an application that requires a license for use but has a trial version, and can surely be extended more than 30 days upon request.

    It’s very easy to use. Fanurio comes with several tools that require little effort to use. In fact it takes you all the fuzz you can’t handle, letting you focus only on technical aspects and your effective work. Starting and stopping the clock  can be done by clicking the taskbar, or you can set the automatic controls.

    Fanurio comes with other analysis tools Performance:


    The Timesheet option is useful to review and edit the time. Timesheet helps you see:

    * Recorded time periods, weeks or months
    * The time recorded on the client (total) or project


    Project Reports are able to help at:

    * How much money did this month?
    * How much worth my uninvoiced work?
    * Who was my best customer?

    Fanurio can create reports about the time and money for one or more projects to be spread over any period of time. Reports can be exported to HTML or PDF.


    With Fanurio you can filter the list of bills to extract useful information about your business. As an example:

    * What bills are not yet collected
    * How much all unpaid bills worth?
    * How much you have billed this year?


    Viewing the  payments can help you see:

    * How much money you’ve earned in that month?
    * How much you’ve earned from a particular client?

    Other tests

    If  Fanurio can’t give you the information you seek about your business, then you can export the data on time, invoices and payments in CSV or Excel to process them as you want.

    So, for those who are interested in time tracking programs, I highly recommend you this one.

    Download Fanurio – Time Tracker

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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