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  • Macrobile Delivers a New Version of Free Mobile Helper

    Macrobile, a mobile software developer, dedicated to making a better mobile use experience, today released a new version of Free Mobile Helper. The new version of Free Mobile Helper comes on the heels of the wildly welcome the release of Free Mobile Helper version 1.0095, which had more than 10 million downloads in about two months.

    The new version gives out a more attractive interface, performance enhancements, and stability improvements to users faster. The interface becomes much simple and easy to user; the function becomes more powerful. And this time we have set the download servers both in America and India and the number of server has been added. So both the Indian users and the other countries users can experience a much faster use experience.

    The latest version of Free Mobile Helper include more than 20 improvements and performance enhancements that make it easier to discover and use all of the innovative features in Free Mobile Helper. This version adds a guide for the new features. So it will be very easy to discover all of those wonderful functions and attractive features. An India app library, classified according to the urban, was added, and more than 10,000 Indian native apps were added to this special app library; a mobile life navigation option was added with interesting mobile app news and other internet technology news introduction; a much better iOS adaption and a jailbreak guide was added; a new function of sending text SMS messages on the PC suite was added. And there are many more functions are waiting for you to discover.

    To get the latest version, you can check the version number in the left bottom of the of version of Free Mobile Helper to update or you can download the latest one on the official website.

    New features of the new version:
    A new attractive interface;
    A higher running speed after being optimized;
    Add more abundant resources recommended home page;
    Add a new function of sending text SMS messages on the PC suite;
    Add a new app recommended page classified according to the Indian urban;
    Add a mobile life navigation option;
    Add the iOS6 adapter and the jailbreak guide;
    Add more licensed softwares;
    Improve the adaption of iOS apps;

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