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  • LookInMyPC: Get a Full Software/Hardware Report

    As results from the title, LookInMyPC is a freeware program through which you can find everything that is installed in your desktop or your laptop. When I say “installed” I mean both the hardware and the software installed on your computer.

    Arguments about the necessity of using such an instrument, I think they are unnecessary – many computer users whether they are at the beginner level, intermediate or advanced at a certain time may need some information (more “at hand”) on their own hardware or operating system – LookInMyPC is ideal for this purpose and is free.

    LookInMyPC advantage is that it can provide all the information about your computer into a single report – even more if you are just interested in information on (for example) your modem, LookInMyPC can only offer this information avoiding you to look “under the hood” of the operating system or browse the full reports, also think about the wasted time that could be so.


    Besides the fact that LookInMyPC is freeware and portable – so you will not need to install anything – the file size being about the program. 4Mb and its use is simple and intuitive. As shown and the graphical interface (picture above), it can provide information such as:

    * Hardware installed;
    * Software installed;
    * Provide details about system processes active at the time of the report;
    * Provide details of operating system services (which ones are off and which are active);
    * Can be viewed the list of programs that start in the same time with the operating system;
    * What updates were installed;
    * Data on Internet provider and computer IP Address;
    * Laptop battery status and its type;
    * Serial number of the Windows operating system and installed Windows edition;
    * Event log (activity data on the computer from its start to shut down, etc.)

    The report by LookInMyPC can be generated directly in the browser or can be sent to a particular e-mail at your choice. Such a comprehensive report (2 pages) can be viewed directly in the browser window here.

    The advantage of this program is that offers a complete analysis in terms of both hardware and software, but not only, can be helpful both to those who need a comprehensive report with such information but also to those who need only certain specific information. As is apparent from the program interface can be checked all the options to be taken into account for the preparation of the report or only some of them.

    Download LookInMyPC application now.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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