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  • Looking For A Personal Dashboard? Try KlipFolio

    KlipFolioDo you need a dashboard for your PC? KlipFolio may be the one you are looking for. It is a desktop-based widget application. It’s interactive features is designed to be used as a monitoring tool for almost all kinds of online data such as email, videos, news, stocks, weather, RSS feeds and many more. Aside from that, KlipFolio also provides monitoring details about your folders, memory and CPU usage. It has a cool and customizable interface and also supports a long list of “Klips” or available widgets.

    The list of available widgets for KlipFolio includes the usual sites that you may need like YouTube, Google News, Flickr and Weather widgets. Moreover, it also has email notification data for Webmail and POP3, to-do lists, sticky-type notes and calendars. With KlipFolio, you just grab your “Klips” and put them where you want to on your desktop. Below is a detailed list of KlipFolio’s features:

    Online Services. Use online services with this software. One example is if you need a to-do list on your desktop, KlipFolio has a widget that is able to sync with your Google calendar. This means that data is not only stored online, but is also available on your desktop for easier access.

    Easily View Content. Just hover the mouse pointer over the item you want to view and you will be able to view the whole Klip. For email messages, you will be required to log in and for videos, you will be redirected to a web page to view it.

    Simple and straightforward. Add widgets you need and remove those you don’t.

    Adding and Removing Klips. To add a Klip, just press the “add” icon and it will install without the need for running installers or downloading. Reverse the process for Klip removal.

    Klip Browsing. Browse available Klips by using either the arrow keys, side scroll bar or the middle mouse wheel. To expand a Klip, click on the + button on the title bar.

    Use Duplicate Klips simultaneously. KlipFolio allows you to have multiple RSS feed Klips for each topic.

    Expanded/collapsed Klips: you can program each Klip just how much of it you want it to expand to. This can be done by pressing on the ’expand’ button then dragging the edges of the Klip up to where you want them. After this, collapse the Klip and you’re done. Each time you expand this Klip, it will open where it needs to be.

    Customizable Alerts: for some Klips, KlipFolio will optionally notify you through a flashing message near the system tray as an item is added or changed. The great news is you have the option to set it to only notify you if the new item contains a phrase or keyword you specify.

    Klip Clusters: you can create a group of related Klips if you want to. All you need to do is drag a Klip away and then drag another one onto it. It is required that these Klips need to be collapsed before grouping them.

    Themes: KlipFolio’s look and feel are highly customizable as it features a number of color schemes, size and location on the system, and the number of days it should hold on to news items and refresh periods for each Klip.

    Overall, it can be concluded that KlipFolio is a great personal dashboard that keeps you notified about your emails, tweets and gives you the news updates that you need. And since it’s free, I highly recommend that you try KlipFolio today!

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    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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