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  • LibreOffice: A Free Productivity Suite

    LibreOffice is a complete productivity suite that is packed with features. The great news is you can download and install LibreOffice for free. This application will work with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. It includes everything you will ever need for preparing school or work-related documents and other types of data processing requirements.

    Features and Benefits:

    Free to use – no license or yearly fees to worry about

    It is available in a long list of languages so more and more people from over the world can benefit from it.

    LGPL public license – use, customize or create copies for friends. Get free user and developer support from our worldwide community and experts from our developing team.

    LibreOffice is an Open Source project: its progress and improvement is open to new developers, and it is used and tested daily by a large number of users. This means that you can also take part and contribute your talent for its future development.

    User-friendly: It is easy to use and the interface can be customized according to your own preferences. Microsoft Office users will never have a hard time switching from MS Office to LibreOffice as it provides a familiar look and feel.

    Compatibility: Documents and Files created using othe programs can be imported and saved to other formats using this application.

    Community Support: Since we have a huge community, you are assured of help and assistance whenever you have a concern about anything. Volunteers help newbies, and long-time users and developers of LibreOffice can work with you to find answers to complex problems that you may encounter.

    What does LibreOffice include?

    Writer is the word processor for this suite. Use it to write letters or creating books and articles. It features auto-completion as you type as well as automatic spell-check and auto-formatting options. These can cut your writing time in half allowing you to do other tasks. You can also use writer to create brochures, journals and newsletters.

    Calc helps you with numbers. Use this to study, prepare and present your numerical data. Make use of the available charts other tools for a better presentation. A complete help system also helps you work with complex formulas. With Calc, you can also add data from other databases like Oracle or SQL.

    Impress is the tool to use to create multimedia presentations. It features great special effects as well as animation options that will impress your audience. Impres enables you to create professional presentations that will definitely catch anyone’s attention.

    Draw enables you to create diagrams and sketches. It includes a lot of tools and options to help you create the best images. You can also create 3D illustrations and add special effects with Draw.

    Math is an equation editor that enables you to present your electrical, chemical, mathematical or scientific equations in standard written notation.

    Base is LibreOffice’s front-end database. This allows you to easily integrate your current database structures to LibreOffice.

    Overall, I highly recommend LibreOffice for everyone who needs an all-in-one productivity software. Why pay for the competitor’s licensed programs when you can be as productive using LibreOffice?

    Download LibreOffice

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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