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  • Launch Files & Apps in Style with Quicksilver

    A great application that enables you to quickly find what you need from all your files, Quicksilver is one of the greatest and most practical tools for any Mac user. With Quicksilver, you can access any folder, file or program with a few keystrokes – easy huh!? Just type the first few letters of the program or file’s name and then press the return key to launch it. This application parses and indexes bits and pieces of the hard drive’s content in its Catalog. This is why it almost instantly displays a result according to your search.

    For advanced Mac users, you may customize the preferences of Quicksilver to meet your requirements. Additionally it features a modular structure, which tells us that the program will never be expanded because it will only include modules that you consider useful.

    After you download Quicksilver, you may now set a key shortcut to activate the application. The main window will be displayed once it is launched. It shows two large icons displayed on the window that gives you the results whenever you type something on the left side of the window. The most relevant application, file or folder will appear first on this window and other similar results are shown inside another column located below the main window. Choose from the results using your arrow keys. If you press the left arrow key, Quicksilver will act as a file browser. It will direct you to the application’s folder letting you browse your files the same way you do in Finder.

    On top of that, Quicksilver allows you to open or enter applications by selecting them and pressing on your right arrow key. Easily browse artists, play lists and albums in iTunes with this feature.

    Quicksilver is defaulted to do what it considers the most suitable action for a chosen file. It asks you if you want to “Open” programs or “Play” songs and videos. If you press any other arrow keys, a new column will appear and gives you a selection of all possible actions for the file.

    All these features of Quicksilver happen at an impressive speed making it very easy to navigate. Also, applications may be dragged and dropped into the Quicksilver interface easily. You may add plug-ins as well to enable the program to interpret and understand the content of the files. Upload files, email documents, view photos and play songs with this great application.

    In a nutshell, Quicksilver is a useful and fast application that provides a big help to Mac users. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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