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  • KompoZer: A User Friendly HTML Editor

    Its developers promote KompoZer as a full web authoring system program. It is a combination of a user friendly web page editor and a simple file management setup that aims to allow beginners to develop web pages instantly without having to learn the complicated HTML coding that is used by professional web developers. It is a free software and can be downloaded from http://kompozer.net/.

    If you hate the expanded interface of other HTML editors that looks very complicated, KompoZer is the best tool that will work for you. It has a three-tier toolbar on top that includes editing buttons, Image-insertion options and a one-click Publishing button as well. Fonts may be edited using the Size and Style toolbar on the second row for additional web page customization options. Its site manager enables you to work on multiple websites too. All you need is your web hosting details such as the web address, username and password and you’re good to go.

    KompoZer’s web page editor features a WYSIWYG user interface and basic knowledge of HTML basics will greatly help you with this program. All tools that you need to create a simple webpage is in KompoZer – forms, links, formatting styles, etc. Additionally, all basic attributes for every tag type are available. As soon as the web page is created and every detail you need has been edited, you are now ready to upload them to your web hosting service. With KompoZer, you do not need to have a separate FTP software. Images that you have used as well as other files may also be stored and organized in separate folders.

    The software’s publicity is increasing especially now that KompoZer is packaged with Portable Apps. The only downside that I see with this amazing tool is that it needs a little improvement on its visual appeal to attract more advanced users and web developers.

    Overall, KompoZer is a great HTML editing tool that can be learned easily to create web pages. It may have some limitations to professional users but I am hoping that future versions and updates will make this the best free HTML editor available online.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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