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    Jing Screen Capture Tool

    Jing, which is a cross platform capture tool for both Windows and OS X is one of my most used software on my Mac. It allows me to take screenshots and videos of my desktop for anything from programs that I am making or to capture images from web pages. I can use Jing for a ton of different things such as tutorials to show people what to do, or to show a client something wrong with my website.

    Jing is a free program from the company called TechSmith Corp. They have both a free and paid version of the application, with the the Pro version having much more advanced features, but the free version has been good enough for everything I use it for (and for most people’s use).

    The best part of Jing is the ability to post the captures and videos to the internet – for free. The website is called Screencast.com.

    Jing is so easy to use it is really remarkable. It puts a yellow thing in the corner of your screen (that is transparent and barely noticeable) which you can hover over to either capture or go into the settings area. From there you can choose whether to capture the entire screen or just one window. Then, you click where you want to capture (you can drag and drop to select only a certain area as well) and it brings up a menu. Selecting either video or image, the capture either happens or you go into a video.

    While you are creating videos you can mute or unmute the microphone or even pause the recording to take a break. These features all come standard in the free version.

    Jing is one of the best screen capture programs I have ever used and I completely recommend it to anyone looking for a great, free screen capture program on the Mac. The ease of use and always having access to the program on your screen is a real lifesaver when you need to quickly send a screenshot or video to someone.

    Jing Pro has a ton more including uploading to Youtube and other video sites, smaller video sizes and better compression, recording in H.264, and no logos on any of the videos or uploads. With Jing Pro you can also record yourself via Webcam into the software. Jing Pro is available for a very reasonable price of $14.95 per year.

    Download Jing for Mac OSX

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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