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  • iPhone Browser and iPhone Explorer for Your iPhone

    Meanwhile, a new similar application (both as functions and as a name) has made an appearance. We’ll let you decide what applications you use (I’ve installed them both), but I will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them. Both of these amazing applications are free and compatible with iPhone OS 3.0.

    Both applications allow you to view the content of the iPhone as if it were a USB drive or as it would have a USB drive mode. Apple does not want the phone to be used as a portable disk drive, and therefore users have to find alternative methods such as these two programs. There’s no question, however, the competition (Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian) comes with the possibility of connecting in to a USB Drive Mode with generic data cables  (mini USB, micro-USB).

    To use these applications you must have iTunes 8.2 installed, and to have connected the iPhone at least once in the computer with iTunes open. If the phone is jailbreak , you will have access to all of your files. Otherwise you only have access to shared files (Photos, Downloads, Podcasts, Purchases etc. ..).

    Advantages / Disadvantages of iPhone Browser

    – Is the first application of this kind and has a larger community around it
    – Has several options for navigation (you can mark a folder as favorite, or you can quickly navigate to various key locations – Ringtones, UI Sounds, Springboard, WinterBoard)
    – Make back-up every time a file is deleted / overwritten / changed on your phone

    – Doesn’t have included the function “drag and drop”

    The official link for downloading the iPhone browser is the following:

    Download iPhone Browser

    Advantages / Disadvantages of iPhone Explorer:

    – Is an application developed by a company that sell products for purchase, so it is in their interests to ensure a continuous development of this product
    – Is based on the iPhone Browser code
    – There is also a version for Mac OS X (iPhone Browser is compatible only with Windows XP/Vista/7)
    – Has included the “drag and drop” function (copy files from one window to another)

    – Missing the quick navigation features of iPhone Browser
    – Doesn’t backing up the files automatically

    Official links to download iPhone Explorer are:
    Download iPhone Explorer pentru MacOS
    Download iPhone Explorer pentru Windows XP/Vista/7

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