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  • Increase your Productivity with Phrase Express

    An application that has been developed to help users type more words in less time, Phrase Express uses the copy and paste functionality so that it can establish the preset phrases that were used in the document. It can be as short as a subject of an email or as long as the entire document. The flexibility utilized in the in the software allows the user to put as many phrases he or she wants to create a long list of abbreviations which can be used when typing and be immediately converted in full phrases/sentences.

    Once installed, Phrase Express will be lodged in the system tray, readily available to respond to your commands. The menu on the tray provides you access to the preferences of the application, letting you add more phrases and do other things. Time and date stamps may also be applied to your document. It will be automatically inserted with just a few clicks of the mouse. No more typing needed. The user can define common phrases, salutations, websites, macros and time stamps and easily access them, to make you create documents, emails and reports faster than ever.

    Additionally, Phrase Express can also be utilized as a program or application launcher. The developers have already included some of the most used programs in Windows and users can also add and create their customized list easily.

    The application’s preferences may be configures from the Settings menu. A Statistics tab is also available which contains the information on how much money and time were spent while using the tool. This will be ideal for those who are being paid for their typing activities. The hourly wage as well as the typing speed can be set according to your needs. When set, Phrase Express will automatically compute the numbers and give you an accurate data on the number of phrases used and the number of characters pasted with Phrase Express. It will also show how much you have saved by using the application.

    “New Folder” and “New Phrase” buttons are seen on the lower part of the window and may be used to add or edit preset phrases. A set of fixed phrases is also available as soon as you download Phrase Express. The user may customize this list as well.

    Other amazing features include the auto-correct list and the abbreviations, which enable the user to compose formal letters just by typing the abbreviations that they normally use in instant messaging conversations. This means that when you type btw or iirc, they will instantly be converted to by the way and if I remember correctly respectively.

    Having evaluated all of the relevant points above, I conclude that Phrase Express is a must download for PC users who frequently compose letters, articles and documents. It will definitely save you time and money and increase your work efficiency. This application is free for home users and may be purchased at a reasonable price for commercial purposes.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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