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    After some time, you will notice that your Mozilla Firefox browser will slow down due to the fragmentation of its databases. As you use the browser, you install more add-ons, save additional bookmarks and also use more plugins and themes. These things will either slow it down or cause Firefox to freeze or crash at some point. When this happens, it will be annoying for you to be working on something and then having to force refresh the page because your browser starts acting up. You may even be forced to end the application and start all over again! What a waste of time!

    Today, there is a cool program that can make your Firefox browser faster than ever without tweaking Firefox. This program is called SpeedyFox. It is a small software that will optimize Firefox’s speed. This is because SpeedyFox defragments Firefox’s SQLITE databases to load it faster during start-up, render web pages quickly and experience a Firefox browser that seemed like it was just installed. SpeedyFox assures you that the data that you already have prior to installation of the program will not be lost.

    SpeedyFox automatically detects your default profile on Firefox but in instances where you have more than one profile on your browser, you can set the profile that you would want to speed up. We recommend that your profile be optimized at least once in 15 days. Tests have also proven that SpeedyFox is safe for your profile (passwords, bookmarks, etc).

    To take advantage of the benefits of SpeedyFox, just run the software, choose the profile that you would want to use and click a button. You will experience a noticeable difference after you run SpeedyFox. This is a portable program and does not require installation.

    SpeedyFox Features:

    • Improve Firefox startup
    • Faster operation with cookies
    • Speed-up browsing history
    • Compatible with Mac and Windows
    • Does not contain spyware or adware

    Command line usage:

    /default_profile – optimize the default profile (most often case, when you have just one profile)
    /profile:<name> – optimize a certain profile by its name (you can find the name in SpeedyFox profiles list combo)
    /profile:<path> – optimize custom profile located at
    (great for portable versions of Firefox)
    /run_firefox – run Firefox when optimization is completed

    Given all of the above, it should be clear that SpeedyFox is a great plugin for your Firefox browser. It is free to download and is guaranteed to significantly improve your browsing experience.

    Download SpeedyFox For Windows

    Download SpeedyFox For MAC OS

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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