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  • Images Look Better with Photoscape

    A free image editing software developed by, Photoscape is an all-in-one suite that enables you to browse/view and edit images. You can use this application for printing pictures, resizing and renaming them and also do RAW conversions. Photoscpae’s photo editor features not only the regular editing features of an image editing software but it also includes options for automatic and custom adjustment for images such as exposure, contrast, brightness, back-light corrections and many others.

    Moreover, Photoscape provides you with a long list of image effect filters and a lot of photo frames and masks that can be used to improve the presentation of your albums and images. This photo suite also has extensive printing preferences that allows you to design print layouts where you can use multiple images on a single page based on their print size. Creating collages utilizing different images is also very easy with Photoscape 3.5. The great news is, the finished product can be saved as a new JPG file. Isn’t that cool?

    Additional preferences include GIF animations, Slideshow creation, EXIF display, batch editing and more. Photoscape 3.5 is definitely an amazing photo editing package that is guaranteed to meet all your digital image requirements. Download Photoscape 3.5 now and create the best and most creative images you will ever have. It’s free to download and has been tested and proven that it does not contain any spyware or adware.

    Photoscape 3.5 Key Features:

    1. Viewer: View your folders images or view them as a slideshow

    2. Editor: resize, white balance, backlight correction, brightness and color adjustment,   balloons, blooming, mosaic mode, add text, drawing pictures, frames, cropping, filters, red eye reduction,

    3. Batch editor: Edit a group of photos at the same time

    4. Page: Create a photo using multiple images in a page frame

    5. Combine: Create a photo by combining multiple photos vertically or horizontally

    6. Animated GIF: Create one animated photo using multiple photos from your albums

    7. Print: Print passport photos, portrait shots and carte de visite,

    8. Splitter: Divide a photo into multiple parts

    9. Screen Capture: Capture your screen and save it as an image

    10. Color Picker: Zoom in screen on images, search and pick the color

    11. Rename: Rename photos in batch

    12. Raw Converter: Convert RAW to JPG.

    Download Photoscape

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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