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  • HWMonitor – A Hardware Monitoring Tool

    HWMonitor is a clever program that offers PC users real-time information about voltages, temperatures and installed speed coolers.

    I highly recommend it for all laptop owners, because overheating is the biggest enemy of your laptop. The best way to fight overheating is to monitor temperature of your laptop’s components.

    HWMonitor is a free program that allows you to easily see the temperature on every component that is running on your computer. Such as, cpu, video card, hard drive,  battery etc..

    Some important features: Monitors the CPU clock or the CPU voltage, monitors the temperature of your CPU and your hard drive, and the temperature at which you can see if your laptop needs special attention or not.

    This program is very useful for those who want all the best from their laptop, and want to use it for a longer time.Because it can give warnings when it reaches the critical temperature, the user will know when the laptop is in danger of overheating, and thus try to take the necessary measures in time.

    HWMonitor is also available in portable version.

    Download HWMonitor

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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