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  • How to Enhance Photo with Photo Sense Application?

    Those spur-of-the-moment photos that look dull or a little obscure may already have been forgotten junk in your image folder, but this nifty, photo editing application for Mac and iOS devices just can make you feel otherwise. Photo Sense is a superb automated photo editing application that includes an array of sophisticated editing and enhancing features available otherwise with so called hi-end editing software. With customizable automated adjustments of exposure, contrast, color or saturation you have the option of adding a wide range of creative effects to your enhanced photographs. What makes Photo Sense a unique photo editing and application is its versatility with easy-to-handle application maneuvers for anyone to get accustomed in enhancing his desired effects in photos.

    Features of Photo Sense for Mac and iOS
    Though the full version of the application is available for Mac, there is another version for touch interface in iPhone, iPad or iPod which is almost the same as far as automated photo enhancement tools are considered, but in comparison to the full version it lacks a few things. Working with Photo Sense on iOS you can edit single image at a time, cannot do manual adjustments and the full range of creative effects will not be at user’s disposal. But at any rate even the liter version on iOS is quite a handy application for giving life to your dull and obscure images with quick adjustments of photographic aspects. Full version of Photo Sense for Mac provides the following features:
    Professional image enhancing and adjustment techniques for multiple photographs at a time.
    Availability of customizing features at both manual and semi-automatic level.
    Working capacity for multiple images at a time through batch processing in semi-automatic and automatic mode.
    Full range of creative effects to apply either singularly or in a batch mode.
    Convenient photo comparison tool for side by side photo comparison after processing.
    The enhancing or processing operation remains always non-destructive.
    Batch operation synchronization to make the processing faster.
    Batch image rotation, conversion of format and down-sampling.
    Cropping and straightening tool for batch of photos with the synchronization of settings.
    Touch interface friendly version of Photo Sense for iOS provides the following features:
    Automatic application of professional image adjustment techniques to your photos.
    Adjusting processing options as and when required to get your desired result.
    You can improve the composition of the image through non-destructive cropping and straightening.
    Apply an array of creative effects to your photo appropriating the mood and spirit of the image.
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    User’s guide to use Photo Sense for enhancing photographs
    Here we provide a step by step guide as how to use this application effectively to give life to your dull or bleak photos with Photo Sense:

    1. While using the application on Mac drag your photos into the application and they are just a button away for editing or enhancing effects to take place. On iOS devices it is as simple as to open the application and then either choosing an existing photo or taking a photo with the existing camera. Once you choose the photo it is ready for the editing purpose. While on Mac you can drag number of photos for editing at a time, on iOS devices you can only do the same for one image at a time.
    2. The photograph in most of the cases will automatically come to life satisfying your expectation and without requiring any further adjustment through semi automatic or manual mode. As far as automatic adjustments are concerned it works fine on both Mac and iOS.
    3. If you are not satisfied with the default results clicking on the ‘options’ menu you use all the different enhancing options for your disposal. The semi automatic adjustments of color, contrast, saturation and exposure are available on both Mac and iOS devices, though for Mac more detailed and meticulous manual editing options are available. There is an option on iOS for sharpening your photos which is only available in the Mac version and sometimes it can work really well for adding a tinge of sharpness to your soothing images, particularly that of nature or landscape.
    4. You can always restore your photo to previous condition just by clicking on ‘undo’ and can compare your previous image with the enhanced image side by side.
    5. As for filters you can choose from an array of different color schemes. Other creative effects are also quite broad in range, though using the application on Mac you can avail more options than iOS.
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