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    Simply put a CD/DVD image is an identical or duplicate copy of an original media. It does not only contain individual data files, but also track and sector information created by a software that arranges all the information on a CD or DVD in a file system on your computer. Unlike normal files, images cannot be opened, used or executed, rather they are mounted.

    Most images are available for download and can be burned onto a blank CD. Often, these images are provided so you can burn your own bootable CD install discs for an operating system (such as Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

    Types of CD/DVD images

    The type of image totally depends on the CR writing software that is used to create a CD/DVD image. The most common image is the ISO image, which can be generally read by almost any CD/DVD Writing software. The extension of the filename usually determines the type of CD/DVD image.

    Here is a list of images and software’s used to create them.

    Extension Program used to create image
    .BIN CDRWin
    .CDI DiscJuggler
    .IMG CloneCD
    .ISO Almost all commercially availabe CD writing software
    .NRG Nero Burning Rom

    Writing a CD or DVD image with ImgBurn

    ImgBurn is a freeware software designed to write CD or DVD images. This software is very easy to use and supports most of the popular image formats.

    How to write the Image with ImgBurn

    1. Put your blank CD or DVD into your device, either a CD or DVD writer.
    2. Double click on the ImgBurn icon to open the program.
    3. From the DESTINATIONS drop down box, select the Recording device you would like to write to from.
    4. Click on the File menu and choose the BROWSE option to choose the image that you would like to write. Click on it and press the enter button.
    5. Once ImgBurn is finished writing the image, it will display a message box stating that it is done. Just click on the OK button and close the program if you are finished with it.
    6. Eject your CD or DVD.

    Download ImgBurn

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