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  • Have More Zoom/Resize Options With SizeWell

    Almost all of the operating systems available today such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS normally have three buttons on their window’s title bars. Although their functionalities are almost similar to each other (minimize, maximize, close/exit) there’s still some differences among these buttons.

    As an example, the Mac buttons works differently than its Windows counterpart. The Mac’s close button (the red one) will only close the window that is open but it will not exit from the application. Another difference is that the Mac’s green button maximizes the open window as to a bigger size that it needs to be where as the Windows’ similar button will open it to a full screen.

    Today, there is a plugin for Mac that can give you better options when it comes to resizing open windows and its zooming capabilities – SizeWell.

    Developers of this application have created additional options so you can do more than just the normal actions that are available to zoom and resize your open windows on your Mac systems. To do this, they have added more commands using additional buttons on the system: Option, Control, Shift and Command buttons.

    Sizewell is easy to use. You do the exact same thing to zoom and resize your windows but you will need to press and hold any of the keyboard combinations as an additional step to make it work. For example, when you need to resize a window, you need to press and hold a customizable modifier to keep aspect ratio, height/width, centered, or to pin the window. On the other hand, zooming a window will require you to hold a customized modifier key for you to be able to maximize the screen.

    We have a list of SizeWell’s zoom options below:

    Note: They are available as menu of the Zoom button or as a submenu of the Zoom item in the window menu.

    • Standard Zoom
    • Whole Screen (⌃⇧0)
    • Half Screen
      • Left Half (⌃⇧1)
      • Right Half (⌃⇧2)
      • Top Half (⌃⇧3)
      • Bottom Half (⌃⇧4)
    • Quarter Screen
      • Top Left Quarter (⌃⇧5)
      • Top Right Quarter (⌃⇧6)
      • Bottom Left Quarter (⌃⇧7)
      • Bottom Right Quarter (⌃⇧8)
    • Resolutions
      • Includes 13 of the most popular screen resolutions.
    • Position
      • Center (⌃⇧9)
      • Also includes all edges and corners.
    • Screens
      • Next Screen (⌃⇧=)
      • Previous Screen (⌃⇧-)

    This application can be easily installed in just a few clicks. As soon as you are done with the installation, SizeWell will even prompt you to eject the install disk and move its disk image file to trash.

    Download SizeWell for Mac OS X

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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