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  • Google Chrome An Awesome Browser For Mac

    The new Google Chrome for Mac OS X is much faster than its previous version and you will feel very good now if you’re one of those people who used the beta version to surf the Flash websites.

    Regarding the design of the browser, I can say that everything remained the same, the changes being made ​​only in order to improve efficiency of the structure. If you own an Apple computer and have been using the beta version of Chrome so far, I recommend updating it, as compared to Safari, Chrome is superior in all respects. I like that you can do “pin” on a tab and will consider as an application that runs in your browser.

    It’s funny how the bookmarks disappear out of the Bookmark Bar – the “dust cloud” from Mac OS X Finder. I like the simplicity of the Bookmark Manager, Download and extensions and that open automatically in separate tabs. If bookmarks layout is intuitive, cannot say the same about the Downloads. Chrome needs a more advanced method of management of downloads. I know it does not offer any add-ons by default, but an add-on like “DownThem All” is excellent.

    The fact that now you have extensions, Chrome is an awesome browser, reaching the value of Firefox. Developers of the Firefox extensions were quick to adapt. I wish I could find the favorite Firefox extensions available for Safari and Chrome. AdBlock does its job exactly as you expect, and also Lazarus (shape recovery) or Xmarks. InvisibleHand is very good for those who buy on the net that makes a comparison with other sites and you calculate the sales price for the same product, finding the cheapest one.

    Clicking on the “Preferences” is simple. But maybe you do not need complex customizations. I cannot say that I felt the need to use something Safari or Firefox has. Chrome is divided into several processes, so this seems to eat more resources. Because of this, the MBP cooler will not start even when they are open more tabs or when loading a large flash video.

    Chrome browser is ideal for those who want to quickly check an email or to find anything on Google. Does not require more resources and can load really quickly.

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    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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