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    Editors PickOutpost Firewall is one of the most popular choices for securing your computer from unwanted content and dangerous intruders. The program was designed to give the user complete control over the options surrounded their systems security. You have the option to block annoying advertisements, banners and even images as well. This feature keeps out pesky ads and banners that flood many sites to improve readability. This also comes in handy if you are wanting to filter out any pornographic or violent images for your children. Not only can you block images but you can also remove certain words that you may not want your children to see. To do so you simply add the word(s) to the list and from then on out all phrases containing those words will be automatically removed. If you happen to know of sites they have been visiting you can remove access to individual websites also.

    Certain firewall settings may have an effect on certain media such as DVDs or online video games as they require certain ports to be open. To avoid any trouble you have the option of enabling certain programs to bypass the firewall if you happen to need an exception. Some programs run more effectively with certain ports open so you have the option of opening those as well. Torrent and large multiplayer games are most popular for opening ports as they interact with several I.P. Addresses at once. The main screen of Outpost Firewall displays all activity on your network, each open port and the actual application that is using each port. If you unaware of an application you can simply right-click and disable it automatically. A ‘Pro’ mode is offered at an additional cost which includes several other features such as PC Flank WhoEasy. This allows a user to track an intruders IP address and provide proof for law enforcement if they happen to cause any damage. Blockpost is available to block any spyware or adware from coming in contact with your system. Super Stealth boosts your protection against attacks that can cause serious damage to your system, especially the reliability and data. A detailed list of the clients request can be shown with the HTTP log feature.

    Outpost Firewall can be controlled and understood by even those who know very little about computers. Within a few minutes you will be able to become virtually invisible on the internet and increase your systems security dramatically. If you happen to become lost the program offers a free help document to assist you with any question you may have. Whether you are wanting to block advertisements, secure your connection/data or control what your children view, Outpost Firewall is a great utility to have.

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