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    A wireless network scanner application created for Mac OS X, Kismac offers a wide range of features that has similarities with its Linux/BSD namesake, Kismet. As compared to its Mac competitors like MacStumbler, iStumbler or Net Stumbler, Kismac uses passive scanning as well as monitor mode.

    This program scans networks passively on supported cards which includes Apple’s Airport and Airport Extreme and a number of third party USB cards too such as USB Prism@ and USB Ralink support. It will also work actively on any wireless card as long as Mac OS X supports it

    If you are interested in downloading and using Kismac, be reminded that this Mac application is not intended for beginners but instead for advanced users. It was designed and created for network security professionals and it may not be very easy as compared to other similar applications.

    To use this application the user must download the development code and then input the text that is required for blocking the format into the terminal. As soon as this is complete, the Finder needs to be started and the Kismac folder will be available. When this folder is opened, the will work in a passive mode with your Macbook. There are also a number of video tutorials that are available online for Kismac.

    Crypto support:

    * Bruteforce attacks against LEAP, WPA and WEP
    * Weak scheduling attack against WEP
    * Newsham 21-bit attack against WEP


      * Shows hidden/cloaked/closed SSIDs

      * Reveals logged in Clients (with MAC Addresses, IP addresses and signal strengths)

      * GPS and Mapping support*Can draw area maps of network coverage

      * PCAP import and export

      * Support for 802.11b/g

      * Different attacks against encrypted networks

      * Deauthentication attacks

      * AppleScript-able

      * Kismet drone support (capture from a Kismet drone)

        Supported hardware chipsets:

        *Apple AirPort Extreme
        *Ralink rt2570 and rt73 USB devices

        Download KisMac

          Rating: ★★★★½ 

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