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  • Free Font Renamer will help you Rename your Fonts

    The program that I want to show you is an ingenious solution, especially useful for those of you who deal with DTP software, with Web sites, or simply are “collectors” of fonts.

    The font is essentially a file, often with TTF extension (TrueType font), which to be able to read the contents of / to be able to see that set of characters and if it fits their needs, is necessary to install it, or use a special software, a viewer (eng. font viewer)

    Along with the extension name is probably the most important defining element for helping us to identify the correct content even mentioned those files suggestively titled “readme.txt”

    What happens when the name does not help, and instead of “readme.txt” we face a file like “0968573.txt” or instead of “Lucida Console.ttf ” we have “lucicons.ttf ” ?

    Case in point: with a single click, the file “lucicons.ttf ” becomes “Lucida Console.ttf ” What’s the secret? We see immediately.

    What is Free Font Renamer?

    A free software, namely freeware, developed by Alexander G. Styopkin, who is the Member of some impressive collection of tools, some of which I remember Advanced Font Viewer, Font Manager, Digital Photo Organizer or Perfect Screen Ruler.

    Not to be neglected, on the site are available some very interesting tutorials, which explains why we should use the fonts in the title of the article’s body, there is also talks about fonts in Windows XP and Vista on formats.

    Download and installation

    Free Font Renamer can be downloaded here.

    * You’ll be asked if you want to continue. It’s a bit absurd, I admit. Click “Yes”.
    * Then (next screen) will appear the program. Next.
    * Standard installation path is “C:\Program Files\Free Font Renamer”. Then press “Next.”
    * Start menu will be “Free Font Renamer”, where those who do not like menus can tick the box “Do not create a Start Menu folder”. It’s not my case and I will give a simple click on “Next”.
    * The desktop icon. Quick Launch bar icons. “Next.”
    * Then “Install”.
    * Finally, leave the box checked “Launch Free Font Renamer” and click “Finish.”


    As you can see, the interface shows two distinct areas: a browser on the left and a font display area in the right. Below this area there are two boxes, a “dropdown” menu and a “Rename” button.

    Very briefly. The second box “Include subfolders” and “Exclude Spaces” can be checked (or not), as required. Personally, I prefer that the names of fonts to have those spaces, but called for technical reasons may require their removal. As for the “dropdown”, from there you can choose to change the extension (within the meaning of their writing in capital letters, small letters respectively), or they may remain in its original form.

    The most important button “Rename”, where with one click, all the fonts in the display area will find the corresponding name. What I want to note is how Free Font Renamer acted very quickly (not necessary to select each file separately), and another thing that I found interesting, the characters can not be displayed in the name of a file are replaced with spaces.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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