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  • FlipToast: A Cool FaceBook Application

    Are you a Facebook fanatic? Well, I guess most of us are and if you have long been searching for an easy and smart Facebook desktop client for your Mac system, we highly recommend FlipToast.

    Unlike a lot of other Facebook clients that do not offer some important Facebook UI components like chat feature and live notifications, FlipToast was created to notify you about all your Facebook updates in real time. Be immediately notified if a friend commented on your status or tags a photo of you. You will always be quickly informed about all the things that are happening with friends and everything that is related to your profile.

    Additionally, Facebook chat is available with FlipToast and it allows you to go offline anytime. Once installed the FlipToast sidebar and the Facebook chat window may be kept at any part of your screen, depending where you want it to be so you will not be distracted and you will be able to perform other tasks on your system. With FlipToast, there’s also an uploading and photo sharing feature that is so easy to use. Just drag your photos and drop it on the app’s window and uploading process will begin. More than the photo sharing and chat feature, FlipToast features great news feeds reading pane, which provides you with all the recent updates from Facebook fan pages you like and your friends pages as well.

    Once installed, an icon will appear on your system tray, letting you to pull up its main interface, play/pause notifications on your desktop, create status updates, share and upload photos and many other tasks. By default, the FlipToast sidebar can be seen at the right side of the screen. If you want to change its position, just go to Settings.

    The application’s sidebar includes the following features:

    1. Status Updates
    2. Photo Album Creation
    3. Recent Notifications
    4. News Feed Reading Pane
    5. Facebook Chat
    6. Play/Pause Notifications

      To see your friends who are online, click on the Facebook chat option. This option is disabled by default. As soon as it is enabled, you will see your friends who are online and you’d be able to chat with them. To create a new album, just click on the cross-imaged button and Create. Then, drag the images folder to start the process.

      If you will be using your system to work on a project, you can turn the live notification off to stop getting messages. Also, you can also decrease the notification fade out time from the Settings window to avoid distractions.

      To conclude, FlipToast is most functional Facebook client available on the internet. With its smooth interface, you can have all the most important Facebook elements at your fingertips, Download FlipToast today.

      Rating: ★★★★★ 

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