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  • Firefox 4 – An Excelent Web Browser For Mac

    Firefox 4 is a major step forward for the project from the Mozilla to a modern, rich in features and more powerful Web browser for Mac.

    Mozilla Firefox 4 is way apart from the earlier versions by a redesigned interface, but many elements are borrowed from the competition. The organization of the tabs, very economical in terms of space, is similar to that found in Google Chrome. The new interface has some new buttons and a unified menu, both with a design similar to those already in the Opera browser. Also positioning the tabs above the address bar, so after they are assigned to maximize window space traditionally reserved for the title bar, gaining space for web page display.

    Those who still cannot completely separate from the old Firefox 3.6 interface, can reactivate the menu bar at the expense of classical unified menu. Classic menu options can be reactivated from the section of the menu. Tabs contain selected pages that can be opened directly, or from the list available on the right. If we want to expedite the process further, we can write the tab’s name directly in the search box address, and then it is listed in the results list. The same method works for collection of bookmarks. Tabs that are frequently visited may be permanently fixed in the browser interface, with the help of Pin as App tabs function, right-click accessible from any of the open tabs. Thus we can have permanent access to Web mail account or a favorite social networking site, without taking up too much space in the bar tabs.

    Firefox Panorama is another feature designed for users who work with a large number of tabs open at once. Accessible by clicking the icon located in the right corner of the menu lets you organize multiple tabs into groups. Each selected group allows you to display tabs in the bar but only those pages which are associated, preventing overcrowding with some pages we do not need.

    Instead of the Bookmarks menu, Firefox 4 provides us with a dedicated button, positioned on the right search box. Bookmarks collection is part of a section, which allows sorting and organizing folders, importing bookmark files and save them in an archive.

    Firefox 4 provides us with a section dedicated to the management of add on components. A very important part for Mac users. Here we have access to an impressive collection of extensions and themes to choose from, organized by category and provided with the search function to quickly find the desired components. Even if the majority of extensions for Firefox 3.6 will continue to work with Firefox 4, extensions are based on a newly created enhanced API that allows installation without restarting each time the application is installed. Plug-in components can also be found in a list of its own, where we can disable the ones we don’t need, thus reducing the application’s resource consumption.

    Firefox 4  consumes less resources than Firefox 3.6 with improved performance.

    Download Firefox 4 for Mac.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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