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  • Eyes Relax – A Great Way To Protect Your Eyes

    Eyes Relax is software for Windows developed by a programmer from Poland, which I found under the personal page that has around 30 years and works as a software developer since 2001. Eyes Relax allows you to set the length of pauses and their length, depending on your specific needs or as your ophthalmologist indicated. As previously said, during breaks you can do some exercises to relax your eyes.

    I liked very much that Eyes Relax and have a “parent mode”, very useful for parents who are worried that children who have lost hours on the computer. Using “parent mode”, children are forced to take a break during your set.

    You can download Eyes Relax from here. Start the file and click Next. If you accept the license check the box and click Next. Is the standard installation path. Next. Install.

    At the top is the screen you can find five tabs:

    * Time Settings
    * Appearance
    * Protection
    * Settings
    * About

    Eyes Relax – Time Settings

    As shown in the image, on this screen you can set the interval between breaks, long breaks, if you want to be alerted when approaching the break and how long before you want to make this warning. You can choose between the type of warning messages or standard messages.

    Down, you are shown the time available until the next break and you have a button to hide the application – for sending it in the system tray. A Button and an indicator will accompany all five tabs.
    Eyes Relax – Appearance

    From this screen you can choose how you want the break to be, and the options are:

    * Show balloon tip – a warning form system tray;
    * Blank screen – where you chose your screen;
    * Show Image – if you want your wallpaper to appear on the screen during a break;
    * Slideshow – instead of a picture you can setup a gallery of images;

    Eyes Relax – Protection

    From here you can set the “parent mode”. In addition, the program settings can be protected with a password and you have the possibility to disable the Task Manager.

    Mute or unmute the “parent mode” can only be done by providing the correct password.
    Eyes Relax – Settings

    What happens when you double-click the icon Eyes Relax in the system tray? You have a choice.

    1. You can open the program;
    2. You can enable or disable the application (unless “parent mode” is activated);
    3. You can take a break;
    4. You can extend the time to rest 5 minutes;

    On that screen you can also save, load or delete the different sections. You may use, for example, more restrictive settings in case of children who have vision problems and where needs breaks longer than 30 or 60 minutes.
    Eyes Relax – About

    It is about the author of the program screen.

    Download Eyes Relax now. Protect your eyes.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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