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  • Emulate your terminal with PuTTY


    Editors PickLooking to transfer raw data and various protocols such as Telnet, SSH and even the aged Rlogin? PuTTY does all of the above for Unix and Win32 platforms and best of all it’s a very simple yet effective free program. Connecting to your server or multiple servers at once is what makes PuTTY one of the more powerful programs of its type. Useful save features allow you to bookmark your settings which means there is no need for trying to find those long numbers to type in every time. This program has various features and is often updated to meet the needs of its users. PuTTY supports logging of your history, window sizing of the terminal window, proxy settings, modifying scroll-back buffer, various encryption ciphers for SSH users and much more.

    SSH tunnels are easily created in between local area networks which is a great way to secure each of your connections. You are also given the option to leave DNS look-ups to your proxy if you’re using one. PuTTY is quite simply to use, just enter the hostname you would like to connect to and select the correct protocol. If you have the need for any of these functions I highly recommend you try PuTTY as it is highly rated as being a top notch program in this category.

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