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  • DOSBox – A free DOS game emulator

    Launched in 2002, DOSBox was designed and programmed in C / C + + by Peter Veenstra. Around the project has formed a real team, that continuously developed its emulation, transforming it from an experiment into the most successful solution for porting DOS applications. Today, in 2011, any user of Windows, Mac OS X, Gentoo, Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris 10 can install the free DOSBox, even out of curiosity, if not for hundreds of games (also available free of charge), many of which rises above newly produced titles.Dosbox

    What is DOSBox?

    The answer is even half of the question, I will begin by saying that DOSBox is an emulator, a processor emulator which, unlike other virtualization solutions (DOSEMU or VDM), is using a processor-independent method of “host” interpretation. However, where the physical processor supports i386 instruction set, DOSBox is able to use dynamic instruction translation, an option less precise and more prone to errors, but faster in the virtual processor of the emulation.

    In short, and not to bore you with technical details, DOSBox can convince any application that instead of dual-core processor or quad-core, there is an ancient 386, just arrived in Silicon Valley.

    What DOSBox does?

    DOSBox is able to emulate a range of hardware components, and I am referring to audio and video cards of that period.

    Graphic simulation includes the text module, Hercules, CGA (which is presented both composite and 160x100x16 resolution), Tandy, EGA, VGA (all versions), VESA and a famous  S3 Trio 64. On the audio part, DOSBox can emulate the ancient PC Speaker, AdLib, Gravis Ultrasound, Tandy, Creative Music System/GameBlaster, Sound Blaster 1.x/2.0/Pro/16 or MPU-401.

    And that’s not all. Unlike other emulators, DOSBox can simulate a P2P (peer-to-perros) connection, or a intranet/internet network. It simulated a modem, TCP/IP, allowing older DOS games (which demanded such a device) to be played, using a network to be played today. The simulation of the IPX connections, or the protocol of data transmission UDP/I, P is not a problem for DOSBox.

    In addition, DOSBox also offers some very attractive features, such as the ability to record games played (movies are compressed using Zip Motion Block Video codec) or to capture screenshots.

    Download DOSBox and start playing.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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