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  • Doorman: A Great Password Generator

    Doorman is a password generator for Mac systems. It is an amazing application that is developed to create random passwords of a previously configured length, which normally uses the characters that are initially provided by the user. It can generate passwords that utilizes upper and lower case characters and it can also be set to use special characters and numbers as well.

    Doorman Features:

    Create random passwords – as mentioned above, you can create passwords with Doorman using letters, numbers and characters that you have specified.

    Speakable passwords – if you prefer to have an easy to remember password, you can also use this program’s Speakable password generator that is able to generate a password that uses the syllable construction strategy of a natural language. Increase the password’s security by adding special characters or numbers to the password and the application will insert these characters between two syllables to keep it from being speakable.

    Security and Safety Doorman has an integrated scale that helps you identify the safety and the strength level of your passwords. If the scale is red, it means that the password created can be hacked/cracked in less than an hour. Yellow passwords are safe for website accounts and green passwords are strong enough to be kept for your records on your hard drive.

    History – To search for the best password, you can have them easily available in the history. Then, you can select the password that you believe is best and easy to remember.
    Moreover, this password application does not save the history. It means that no one can dig out your password and use it except you.

    Green License – the developer of this program (Mr. Fridge and his coding friends) creates programs that includes a what the call Green-License. This license means that once you use any of the applications that they have developed, you would have to take part in doing things that will help worsen pollution or contribute to climate change.

    Additional features  in the latest version: (Version 2.1, released on January 29, 2011)

    Allows longer passwords (up to 32 characters)
    Option to exclude characters
    Fixed bug, that application does not run on Mac OS X 10.4

    As a Mac user, I find Doorman really helpful. With the increasing number of usernames and passwords that each person have, it can be confusing and cumbersome at times when we are required to create and change passwords from time to time.

    Download Doorman for Mac

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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