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  • Discover your open ports with Advanced Port Scanner

    Advanced Port Scanner

    Keeping connections out of your system is an important step to ensure you aren’t vulnerable to viruses and many other attacks. Many viruses or hackers get into your system using certain ports that you may have left open or unrestricted. With the Advanced Port Scanner utility you have the ability to monitor your UDP and TCP network port information, type of connection, process name, port number and remote connection IP location. Information about each port is shown to further your understanding about what kind of connections your computer is allowing to enter. Unlike similar tools,  Advanced Port Scanner allows you to close any unwanted ports and a function to export to continue research on what exactly is harming your computer.

    Advanced Port Scanner is a highly recommended tool when trying to pin-point where you may have received a virus, trojan horse, or similar attack that can cause major damage to your systems data.

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