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  • Digsby: IM, Email, Facebook and More

    Everyday, there are more and more websites created that aims to keep people from all over the world connected. We communicate in a lot of different ways such as e-mail, chat, instant messaging, video calls, social network sites and the list just go on and on. To help you better manage all your contacts and keep track of all your e-mails and online messages, you can download Digsby. This free application helps you keep e-mail, social network conversations and chat in one convenient location.

    This freeware application looks similar to the other chat applications, such as Yahoo or AIM. It has a small rectangular box and features an option to add different accounts to start with. During the process, you will be presented with 7 Instant Messaging applications, 6 e-mail clients and 4 social networking websites that you can select from. Your selected programs will then be displayed and it will include Instant Messaging buddy icons as well.

    Digsby’s buddy list is also customizable, so you are able to format your contact’s names and you are able to select the location as well as the buddy image’s size. The program also offers downloadable skins; however there is no built-in feature on the app that lets you install them. The skins need to be downloaded and unzipped to a directory, depending on the operating system that you are using.

    Every time you hover your mouse pointer on over one of your buddies, a card will slide out and it displays a profile link and the status of the specific contact. You will now be presented with options on what you want to do: send an instant message, e-mail or send files to that contact. These contacts may be organized according to the frequency of your interaction with them, so you can easily contact people that you want to contact.

    Use Digsby to add your social network profiles (MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) and e-mail boxes as well. If something is going on with any of these accounts, you will be notified by a popup message that displays the subject of the e-mail or the text of the update. With Digsby, you also have the option to view your conversations either in separate or tabbed windows. A flashing tab indicates that the specific buddy just typed in a message.

    Given all of the cool features listed above, it should be certainly clear that Digsby is one amazing application that can really help you when it comes to organizing your social network and managing your chat and e-mail accounts in one place. With Digsby, you never have to go to 3 or more websites anymore. Download Digsby and experience the benefits of this application.

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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