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  • Deluge: Free BitTorrent Cient for Windows

    Today, more and more computer users are using the Internet to share different types of files. Normally, these people would use BitTorrent, a protocol that distributes files over TCP/IP networks. It is also known as P2P or peer-to-peer file sharing. Compared to an ordinary HTTP download, P2P sharing is faster because the BitTorrent client uploads the file to other users. As a result, the file is spread at fast speeds.

    One of the latest BitTorrent Clients is Deluge. This program is written in GTK+ and Python and runs perfectly on Linux GTK desktop environments like XFCE and Gnome but is also compatible on KDE and others.

    Deluge is very easy to install. You may choose to download the source code package, uncompress, compile and install or you may also utilize your own distribution package manager to download the program and its requirements.

    The interface of Deluge looks similar to many of its competitors.  Its main window is divided into two parts, the top portion shows the list of torrents that are currently downloading and the bottom section shows the information about a particular torrent once it is selected. The list of torrents also includes other details such as the torrent’s size, name, status, upload and download port, the number of available seeders and peers, the share percent and the ETA. A context menu is also available when you right click on a torrent. This menu will allow you to update the tracker, pause and resume the download.

    You can also add more functions through Deluge’s plug-in system. A few of them are available by default such as network activity graph, CPU monitor, pop up notifier, network health monitor and torrent search bar. The torrent search bar does not have any search engines added so a manual addition of the search engines should be done.

    You may configure this BitTorrent client using the Preferences dialog window that is located under the Edit menu.  This window has four tabs. Downloads tab, which allows you to select a default download directory. The Bandwidth tab where the maximum upload and download rate can be set, the Network tab which lets you select a range of ports used for incoming connections and the last tab which gives you the option to automatically stop seeding when a ration attains a set value and if you prefer touse a compact storage distribution.

    Overall, I recommend Deluge as an ideal BitTorrent client that will be suitable for both experienced and new users.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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