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    What is defragmentation?

    When the contents of a file is distributed in different locations on the surface of hard disk storage is fragmented. Fragmentation does not pose any threat to the integrity of data stored momentarily but causes a file access speed to decrease as a result of repeated movement of the read/write heads in different parts storage area.

    Defraggler is a program for Windows, not pretentious, which supports XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Server 2003 and Windows 7 in 32 or 64 variations of bits.

    For only 4 MB, Defraggler is extremely capable, giving users the opportunity to select a file defragmentation, a group of files, a partition or an entire hard disk. Defraggler is safe because it uses the same type of read / write as the operating system, doesn’t take or consume any of your resources, offers an interactive map (useful when you want to establish priorities), supports scheduling defragmentation (and will even work while you can rest), organizes the free space available (avoiding defragmentation at only a few days away) and last but not least, search for errors on the hard disk so that we can not wake up to a point with a crushed PC.

    Disk Analysis – predict as an analysis of the partition and tells us whether or not defragmentation is necessary.

    Disk Defragmenter – starts the defragmentation process.

    Fast Defragment of a drive – it is a faster version of the previous procedure, but perform less well.

    Folder defragmentation – is defragmenting a director, or a group of folders;

    Defragment file – logical, defragments a file, so you should not think of those readme.txt files with a few Kb, but the disk image (dvd / double dvd), or an entire hard disk. This option is not a joke from Piriform, so be careful.

    Advanced features include “verification errors on the disk”, “defragment free space” and “defragment free space (allows fragmentation)”. Without the fragmentation being allowed, defragmentation of the free space takes longer.

    Defragmentation process (whether it is a full defragmentation, or just free space) can be interrupted at any moment (temporarily or permanently), but a better alternative than closing a crossing of the background process is Settings -> Priority – > Background.
    Also in settings, you can choose to lock the computer after a defrag, which is useful especially when using Defraggler on a laptop and do not want to add unnecessary hours.

    As for the other options available to the Defraggler user, I would mention the possibility of defining personal filters (different for full defragmentation or fast  defragmentation) and scheduled defragmentation.

    Defragmentation is necessary when there is a degradation of the performance of your hard disk (the access time and transfer rate).

    Download now Defraggler for your PC.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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