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  • Cyberduck FTP Client for OS X

    Cyberduck is an open source and free FTP client for Macintosh computers. Cyberduck is my FTP client of choice for all of my web projects, it is so easy to use and interface is very Mac like. Another great part of Cyberduck is the logo – a rubber ducky.

    Cyberduck is just an easy to use FTP client, there are really no fancy features, but the depth and breadth of the features really make this stand out as a great FTP program. I have never fealt a reason that I needed to purchase a more robust FTP client for my Mac, Cyberduck does everything I need it to do.

    One great thing about Cyberduck is the amount of different protocols that it can connect to. They are: FTP, SSH, WebDav, Amazon S3, and Rackspace’s Cloud Files.

    The interface is really easy to use, when you log in you are prompted to donate to the project if you are using the newest version (only happens once) and then you are right into the interface. The interface is very simple, featuring a simplistic view with, open connection, quick connect, action, refresh, edit, and disconnect being on the main menu. Under the main menu is the secondary menu with thinks like Bookmarks, History, and Bonjour.

    After you connect to your FTP client (or whatever client you need to connect to, the interface is pretty basic, in a good way. You can use the forward and back buttons to navigate back and forth between folders. Also, you can use the drop down menu to go back multiple folders, which is an awesome feature.

    You can also choose to synchronize folders between your local computer and the server you are connected to, great for backing up files or keeping your website up to date.

    Cyberduck is an amazing FTP client for OS X, the best part of it is the price tag and the fact that it is open source. Be sure to check out to download and donate Cyberduck FTP.

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