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  • Create Stereoscopic Images with AnaBuilder

    For graphic enthusiasts who own a Mac system, I recommend you to download a free application called AnaBuilder. It is a freeware application for Mac that enables the user to create almost all types of stereoscopic images ((anaglyph, parallel, crossed, etc.) These anaglyph photographs are the images that may be viewed using Red/Cyan 3D glasses). AnaBuilder also has a feature that enables you to readjust both views either manually or automatically.  The software supports multiple languages allowing it to be used by more people around the globe.

    Another great thing is that the AnaBuilder installer pack ( requires very little space on your system to allow it to run, or to update it from an older version. Also, there is an automatic installer available on the developer’s web site so you are also able to download this program from there.

    Anabuilder integration features:

    AnaBuilder offers integration with the 3D modeler called Art Of Illusion. The program provides a ‘live’ stereo modification using a pair of virtual cameras in the 3D scene (using anaglyph glasses) before staring the last render. After this, the final pair may be reloaded in AnaBuilder to create the needed anaglyph color revisions or if you want them to be used with other types of stereo viewing options available to you. With AnaBuilder, youalso have the option to use AoI to create your own 3D stereo brushes, and to paint with them using the AnaBuilder software.

    AnaBuilder also provides integration using the stereoscope viewer. It allows you to view your photographs as parallel, cross-eyed, mirror, KMQ, or shutter glasses (Elsa Revelator, D4D, H3D), etc.

    Last but not least, AnaBuilder offers integration with the panorama viewer called PTViewer. This program provide their users with a 2D->3D->Stereo conversion tool. The older version (Windows) of AnaBuilder allows stereo-morphing to modify a 2D picture into a 3D photo, or to alter the depth of an existing 3D image. The application makes it possible for you to retouch existing images in 3d, or to draw them in 3d. It also provides a bracketing merger with 2 methods (the second method is not yet explained, but is much more easier to use than the first method), a noise reduction tool, a local diff corrector for white balance or brightness, and a corrector of color histogram issues.

    AnaBuilder allows their users to run slideshows that can be viewed with the stereo image browser called StereoBee.

    Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
    Platform: PowerPC / Intel

    Download AnaBuilder

    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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