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  • Create quality PDFs with WinPDF

    WinPDF Having trouble creating an appealing PDF and don’t know where to start? WinPDF offers you the ability to create PDFs in high-quality by having the option to convert Windows application that supports printing. As it converts your document, it retains the design and content that you previously had and turns it into a PDF file with ease. You have great flexibility when it comes to customizing your document with features such as: resolution, fonts, live hyperlink, 40-bit and 128-bit encryption, images, tables, orientation, compatibility, metadata and much more.

    Converting your documents into PDF files takes literally seconds and can be done with a variety of file formats. E-mails, AutoCAD drawings, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents can all be transformed into PDF files while maintaining the overall feel of the original document. Documents that you can’t edit such as agreements, proposals and invoices can also be created using WinPDF. There is also a great option for anyone who may have intermittent internet service but would still like to view their favorite websites while offline. You can save any website you wish into a PDF file for offline viewing. For anyone interested in created e-zines or e-books WinPDF is a great tool for this as the format can be easily customized to your exact needs. Before spending a large sum on a PDF creator program I highly recommend trying the FREE WinPDF utility as it will be more than sufficient for the average user.

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