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  • Create Distribution Packages for Mac with Packages

    Are you a software developer or a network administrator who use a Mac system? For all you installation package or distribution needs, Packages can help you easily perform your task. Packages is an amazing and highly functional solution to all these needs.

    Packages allows you to define which bundle, document, folder or application should be included on the payload of your installation package and where you should install them as well. It also allows you to configure what the group, owner or permissions of the payload should be when it needs to be installed. Additionally, if you need to install an existing package, you simply need to import it so you can add it to your distribution.

    Packages features:

    1. Presentation Editor

    Packages features a WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to configure and customize its panes according to your requirements. With this feature, monitoring how your distribution appears in different languages has never been this easy. You can also include Installer plugins to your distribution.

    2. Dependencies Editor

    When you have a requirement to expound on the dependencies between the options available for your distribution, you can count on this application. You can utilize Packages’ visual editor to create basic or advanced level dependencies trees. You do not need be anxious about looping since Packages immediately checks each item and only provides you with realistic dependencies.

    3. Requirements Editors

    Interpreting the requirements that must be encountered by your packages to be installed should not ask for you to think like you are a developer if you don’t desire to. Packed with user-friendly requirements editors, this program makes very minimal requirements that are easy to define but nevertheless allows you to create more complicated requirements through the use of the JavaScript code editor.

    4. Quick Build

    If there’s an instance where you need to immediately create an installation package for a plugin or a application, simply drag the object/file on the Packages icon located in the Dock and your package will be made in a snap. The Quick Build feature makes use of smart locators to easily identify where the item should be placed.

    5. Certification

    To guarantee that your packages or distribution are not be tampered with from the moment you build them until they are installed, you have the option to sign them. This application can sign distributions and flat packages accompanied by a certificate.

    6. Command Line Tool

    Merging Packages into a production workflow that runs automatically is easy with the packagesbuild command line tool. As soon as you have made your Packages project, the packagesbuild tool will allow you to build it using either the Terminal, a shell script or an Xcode Run Script Build phase.

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    Rating: ★★★★★ 

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