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  • Create Amazing Designs with Sweet Home 3D

    There is a long list of interior design programs available online. One of the best free applications that does a great job is Sweet Home 3D. It is interior design software that enables users to place furniture in a room 2D plan and will be available for 3D preview. If you have plans of rearranging your furniture or redecorating your home, Sweet Home 3D is the perfect tool for you.

    Sweet Home 3D includes 75 pieces of furniture that you can choose from. Additionally, you also have the option to import more objects in it. The furniture pieces are categorized based on each room in a house. This trendy application is an open source project so you can download it for free. The producer’s website also offer many other furniture pieces and house projects that you can check out.

    With this interior design application, you are able to customize your rooms, set the room dimensions and add all the other details that you want for your project. Best of all, you have a 3D preview of the project as you work along with it. This will make it easier for you to make revisions in any case that something needs to be changed.

    Sweet Home 3D’s main window is divided into 4 smaller windows so you can have a complete and clear view of your project. The upper left panel displays a list of all available object and they are divided into these categories: Bedroom, Doors and Windows, Bathroom, Kitchen and Living room. With this list, it will be easier for the user to look for an object that he needs. A thumbnail image of the selected object as well as the details about the designer is also available.

    The panel on the upper right side allows you to set the position of an object in a room. It also provides you with access to the context menu where you can do modifications with the furniture dimensions and other important details as well.

    In the lower left corner of Sweet Home 3D’s main window, you can see a comprehensive list of the objects that you have included in your project. You can select the object specifications that you want from the following list: Depth, Width, Name, Height, Abscissa, Elevation, Angle, Ordinate, Color, Visible, Door/Window and Movable. You can change any of these attributes and modify the objects’ dimensions and their location.

    Lastly, the 3D preview panel gives you a clear picture of the way that your room will look after you work on it. Sweet Home 3D enables you to rotate the view to any angle, zoom in or out and gather all the aspects of the updated design of your room/house.

    To end, Sweet Home 3D is a very appealing and easy-to-use program that can help users improve our interior design capabilities. The application has many 3D models that you can work begin with. Sweet Home 3D is available in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese and you are welcome to choose any of them.

    Download Sweet Home 3D for Windows OS

    Download Sweet Home 3D for Mac OS

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