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  • Converber: A Powerful Unit Converter

    Have you experienced the need to convert miles to kilometers? Did you researched for an online converter for hours just to discover that a mile is equals to 1.609 kilometers? How about a more complex conversion such as converting Fahrenheit to Celsius? Others may even have the conversion factor and still they may have no idea how to use it. Converber is the tool that solves these problems!

    Converber is an amazing unit conversion software that will help you with all types of conversions that includes over 1200 different units of measure in 33 categories including area, length, numbers, mass, speed, density, time, volume, pressure, force, power, energy, temperature, flow, light, angle, data transfer, fractions and a whole lot more.

    This application is small and portable. It is similar to another unit converter called Convert. The difference is that Converber utilizes a list interface while the latter converter uses a tabbed interface. Converber includes more than a thousand units of measure. This means that you will definitely find the units that you need. Additionally, you may create your own customized unit using the application’s equation editor.

    Features include:

    • Provides instant access to all categories or single category
    • Includes an extensive help file
    • Supports transparency
    • Supports a multi-language user interface
    • New! Toolbar for faster mouse operation
    • Favorites menu to bookmark your most used conversions
    • Currency rates…updated daily
    • Inline calculator(*/-+^ and more)
    • Automatic updates
    • Quickly search the unit list and instantly see results
    • Step backwards or forwards through the most recently used conversions
    • Single or multiple preference file(s) for different users
    • Shows either common units or ALL units
    • Converts as you type, so no convert button is required
    • Includes equation editor to add your own custom units
    • Enables you to select/unselect the conversion file(s)
    • Extensive number formatting
    • Inverts selected units with the quick swap feature
    • New! Status bar to display the current category
    • Converts left-to-right OR right-to-left
    • Runs portable/stand-alone using no dll files or registry settings
    • Remembers last window position and size (if desired)
    • Offset correction for meter value compensation
    • Can change the number of significant digits of the output
    • Option to select decimal-point precision
    • Option to select scientific notation only

    Overall, Converber is a free and practical application that helps every user to make unit conversions faster. It is available for download for all versions of Windows operating system.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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