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  • Collectrium – An Application Which Recognizes The Work of Art

    The experience of visiting contemporary art fairs, which attract millions of visitors in the United States annually, will be significantly enhanced thanks to a next-generation technology, which recognizes the work of art.

    Visitors equipped with Collectrium application will be able to turn the iPhone to any work of art entered in the fair and will get instant information about the artist and his work widely, will be able to add the work into a personal collection of favorites then send to friends via Facebook, Twitter and email or to contact the gallery about the work.The time about notes on postcards and flyers has passed: after exploring the art fairs with the Collectrium application for iPhone, a collector can easily search the list for favorite works and then complete with detailed information about each work, artist and gallery. Even when a collector captures an unregistered book, it can easily add information and personal notes about it. The Collectrium application makes up a personal virtual gallery and a catalog.  What is even great is that Collectrium is free to download, so enjoy it now because we don’t know how much it last.

    “This is a management system of social art, part of the next-generation devices developed for art appreciation” said Boris Pevzner, former Silicon Valley entrepreneur who founded Collectrium. This application makes visiting an art fair more amazing for art lovers.

    Pevzner concludes: “We created a bridge between the physical world and virtual art, bringing the power of online technology in the moment of discovery”.

    Download now Collectrium.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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