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  • Clyppan Mac Paste Board App

    Clyppan is a Mac application that is open-source and free to use for all Mac OS X users.

    What does Clyppan do?
    Clyppan is a clipboard manager that allows you to save your copied text to a clipboard for use at a later time. What does that mean? Basically you can use Clyppan to save your copied text for use later. So instead of having to go back to wherever you copied that text from you can go into Clyppan and retrieve it.

    The good part about this is that a lot of people lose text that they paste. I know that almost on a daily basis I copy and paste an email address or some important text and have closed the window then I need it 10 minutes later and I have copied something else in the mean time. I can then go into Clyppan and retrieve that text and make it my current thing to paste on the clipboard. It is so handy and such a lifesaver, you would be crazy to not have this free application on your desktop.

    Clyppan hangs out in your taskbar at the top of your Mac’s desktop, next to your icons such as volume, battery life, wifi, and time. Clyppan can then be clicked on to access its main interface to get to the application. I love the fact that you do not have to keep Clyppan on the dock in OS X, it is such a great feature that is often overlooked.

    Another great thing Clyppan does well is the keyboard shortcuts, you can literally do everything in Clyppan from the keyboard – if you want – or use the mouse to click on the Clyppan icon in the taskbar.

    Clyppan also automatically updates the application for you when a new version becomes available, this saves you from the hassle of worrying about getting the latest version, etc.

    There is also a feature called rapid paste where you can move down the line of everything you saved to your clipboard, something that makes you so much more productive when you have to do a lot of copying and pasting.

    Clyppan is easily the best clipboard application I have used on Mac OS X, this is a feature that I feel should be built into the operating system, but until then we have the free and open-source Clyppan to fill the void. Clyppan is available here, for free.

    Download Clyppan

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