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  • Clone Your Hard Drive with PC Inspector Clone Maxx

    A program that was designed and created by CONVAR to copy data from hard drives, PC Inspector clone-maxx utilizes the new direct DMA support. This hard drive-copying program can be set to work at high-speed mode that can copy data up to 3.3GB per minute.

    The program is able to perform at this level because it does an intelligent inspection of the computer’s motherboard as well as the hard drive controller. When this happens, PC Inspector clone-maxx determines the highest data transmission rate that results to unbelievable speeds through the use of the DMA chipset on your system’s motherboard.

    Users may start PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx straight from a boot diskette. The duplicating procedure is consistently based on the drive and is not connected to the file system (HPFS, NTFS, Ext2, FAT12, FAT16, Reiser, etc.) or to the partitions of the drive. Additionally, it can be downloaded as an ISO image file and may be burned to a disc. You may boor to this disc for the duplicate session of the drive.

    If you prefer to download PC INSPECTOR™ clone-maxx for boot up floppy creation, you should run the executable file. The program will then create a bootable disk. After this, you may restart the computer with it. Once the system boots, the program may be started by entering cmaxx and choosing the operational language you prefer. The program supports the ff. languages: SP Spanish, DE German, IT Italian, FR French, US English and DU Dutch.

    Overall, PC Inspector clone-maxx is a great program that is ideal for advanced PC users and others who wants to have a duplicate of their data. You have to keep in mind that this freeware is not capable of copying separate partitions, single files or directories because it is created for the purpose of cloning the ENTIRE hard drive. Also, PC Inspector clone-maxx cannot clone external HDD’s.

    This program may be downloaded here.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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