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  • Check Your Computer for Free with TuneUp360

    During the first few months of a computer’s life, it provides you with speed and efficiency and works great at all times. After a few months and a number of program installations, it begins to slow down and more months later, we encounter problems with it. Start up time has changed and loading programs as well as web pages seems slower. The worst thing may happen is there will be times when it would suddenly freeze or there would be unknown errors on your screen. That’s why it is important that you install a program that is able to scan and fix these issues.

    TuneUp360 is a free downloadable application that can automatically scan your system and fix computer errors in a single click. This was designed and engineered by its developers to help home users and people who do not have hours to spend fixing their system’s problems. TuneUp360 is features a very user-friendly interface that is great for novice computer users. Just one click and you are on your way back to a secure and stable computer.

    This program features a hidden error detection technology that does not only help you speed up the system but also aids in diagnosing hardware issues, fixing system errors and protecting your computers files and programs.

    TuneUp360 Features:

    Scan your system. If you have a computer that is slow and crash at times then TuneUp360 can scan and automatically check your system’s performance and stability. This program works with all versions of Windows (Vista, XP, 7 and more). It is also compatible with all brands and system models (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, etc.)

    Computer and Network Tune Up. If you are experiencing longer than usual start uo times, TuneUp360 can help you remove all junk files as well as remove registry errors and optimize your system settings to speed up your system and boost network connections in a few minutes.

    Fix Windows Errors. Are you suffering from unusual Windows errors and problems like blue screen and computer crashes? This all-in-one program can fix these kinds of Windows issues: Devices Manager errors, system errors, “STOP” errors and many others. Even if you are not an advanced computer user, you can repair the system in just one click.

    With all these features and more, I conclude that TuneUp360 is one of the best freeware that you should have on your Windows system. Not only that it’s free, it also does a great job in maintaining your systems performance.

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    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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