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  • CD Recovery Toolbox – Recover files from damaged disks

    CD Recovery Toolbox is a software that can be used successfully to recover data, information from scratched or damaged discs, whether they are classical CDs, DVDs, HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. In fact, the latest version of CD Recovery Toolbox, has introduced support for Blu-Ray.
    CDs do not always ( I mean the whole range of disks) deteriorate in service due to negligence. It is true that scratches or chipping (the two most common types of defects) may be charged to users, but what can be done when the disc surface,  has spots due to improper varnishing? What happens if the CD was written with errors from the very beginning, and the defect was found many days later … and a few hundred miles away?

    Professional data recovery solutions exist, CD Recovery Toolbox is free and easy to use.

    In a world where applications are beginning to move from CDs to DVDs, CD Recovery Toolbox at its 672Kb, can even fit on a 5.25 ” floppy disk, making installation extremely fast. Program interface is in English (and can not change), but this matters less, being mitigated by the intuitive operation it was made.

    Depending on how many files you want recovered, the type or quality of the disc, the expected time can vary from a few minutes and maybe even an hour and we have several options:

    * You can view the files already saved. Find it in C:\_CDRestored;
    * It can “jump”, a particular file (if it takes too long). With Skip;
    * You can interrupt the recovery. With “Cancel”.

    And at the end you can see the report and the results are often surpass the expectations.

    CD Recovery Toolbox does not work miracles, but for “worldly ” things is great. Given the prevalence of discs (particularly the dvd type), and their quality (quite often questionable), this tool proves to be a reliable friend in difficult times.

    Although you may be tempted to think that the disks (CDs, DVDs, etc..) are the most solid media, well, they are not quite. Do not rush to remove the material from the computer and it is preferable, if possible, to keep backup copies, or on another hard disk, or try an online storage service. Stacks of DVDs, although impressive at first glance, they are not quite reliable.

    Download CD Recovery Toolbox now.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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