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  • Cabos: Free P2P File Sharing Application

    A peer-to-peer network file sharing application based on Acquisition and LimeWire, Cabos is a lightweight program that utilizes the Gnutella network.

    This is a huge network and most people will be able to locate whatever file type they want in it, and even if it may not be the quickest way to download, it’s fast enough. As compared to Limewire, Acquisition or Frostwire, this program features an interface that has better speed rates and less chances of getting errors as it keeps its admirable level of functionality.

    For users who had experienced Frostwire or Limewire in the past, you will quickly notice that Cabos’ user interface looks similar to its competitors. Its well-structured interface provides you with download status, upload status and networks data. These may be found on the left sidebar, which also contains the current search area and the search bar. With Cabos, multiple searches can be done simultaneously. Also, this application offers additional details depending on the file type. It is capable of providing the bit rate as well as tag information for video and audio files.

    Cabos has a “Preferences” panel that is also packed with functional tools. It has download options, sharing options, network options; iTunes import option and an advanced feature customization as well.

    On its results area, the user has the option to arrange the files either by file type, bit rate, album, artist and so on. The latest updated version of Cabos also includes a better filtering system which allows you to filter the results by keyword and four more slides that can be used to filter by size, number of sources and bit rate speed. This makes it easier for you to crawl through a big number of results when performing a search.

    Though most of Cabos’ competitors are more advanced when it comes to their features, Cabos still has the best advantage – SPEED. It loads way faster than other P2P programs such as LimeWire and is also less of a draw on the PC’s processor. This means that while in use, Cabos does not stop or slow down other applications that are running on the system at the same time. Best of all, it’s free!

    Improvements on the latest version:

    · Romanian localization was added.

    · Italian localization was updated.

    · Fixed unresponsible connections under Java 1.6 Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

    · DHT query will be actively used.

    · Added 3 options to enable DHT query, TLS encryption and OOB search.

    · TLS encryption should be disabled by default.

    · Cabos asks whether you have authorized your shared files.

    · Download folder will not be added in shared folders by default.

    · Confirm an action of “Remove All Queries”.

    · Added a new splash screen at the default pane.

    · Fixed minor bugs.

    Rating: ★★★★½ 

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